When it's raining

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It's overcast with rain and you wonder what to do today? Even if South Brionnais is famous for its nature and its outdoor activities, there is also things to do when the weather is bad. While waiting for the sun to rise again, here are some ideas to make you want to get out from under your quilt !

  • Visite Musée du Tissage - L. Nicoloso - Activités à faire quand il pleut

Let's go to the museum !

The advantage of time travel is you stay dry ! On the program, the discovery of the Museum of Old Trades and the Weaving Museum. The first offers you an immersion in the life from ancient times, in the heart of the Brionnais countryside. You will be immersed in the beginning of the century and will discover everyday objects and local anecdotes. The weaving museum will show you how a loom works. Thanks to the guided and animated tours, weaving will no longer hold any secrets for you !

  • L. Nicoloso - Gastronomie locale, régionale : Activité à faire quand il pleut

When the sky is cloudy, nothing's better than a film ! Enjoy the program of our two cinemas to avoid the rain, while having a good time. Comfortably seated, popcorn in a hand, a drink in the other, you won't even think about the bad weather. And why not enjoying the local gastronomy in a good restaurant ? Cradle of Charolais meat, you can relish the flavors of South Brionnais. Who said you can't do anything when it's raining ?