With children

Great offers

Have you arranged to share a moment with your family but you don't know how to plan it ? Discover our best offers to make the most of your children or grandchildren during the holidays. On the program, laughs and lovely family memories !

  • Pêche en rivière - S. Gaillard - Activités à faire avec enfants

Outdoors activities

South Brionnais is a real open-air playground and it offers a multitude of outdoor activities. The perfect opportunity to forget about the screens and spend precious moments with your family.

With many ponds, easy to access, why not introducing your children to fishing? After a few moments of patience, their bucolic setting will be the ideal setting for a family picnic! Open all summer, the Fest'Y Parc offers a mini tree-climbing course, inflatable games, trampolines and even go-karts. Long story short, this is the perfect place for the cherubs to let off steam in complete safety. You can even organize a mini-golf competition, open all year round.

  • Visite à la ferme : Activités à faire avec enfants, petits enfants

Discovery of life on the farm

All kids love taking care of animals ! Introduce them to an educational farm : Goats, cows, donkeys, rabbits, horses are ready to meet them ! Some farms even offer courses, for example to make your own cheese. Good memories guaranteed !

  • Les aventures de Clettis - A. Jouvenaud - Visites historiques :  Activités à faire avec enfants, petits enfants

Let's play with the legends

"Les aventures de Clettis"

Adorned with a tunic, a shield, a sword and equipped with a parchment, go on an adventure with the knight Clettis to meet many challenges. On a 3 km circuit, you cross the town of La Clayette in search of clues. An ideal activity to share a great moment with family! If you want other ideas, push the door of our tourist offices.

The game is not yet available in english. Only in french for now !

  • Baptiste et martin 14 c. charrier

Let's play with History

"Au secours de l'ermite"

Every week, the lord and baron of Chauffailles, Claude d'Amanzé, has a basket of food brought to the hermit installed on the heights of the city, in exchange for which he celebrates mass in the chapel. But now, he's been waiting for his basket of food for several days now... Some gluttonous scoundrel must have stolen it on the way!

Come to the rescue of the hermit! Your mission is to find all the products that have been stolen from him. To do this, go through the city center of Chauffailles, from shop to shop, and play to solve the puzzles and find the clues! A piece of advice, team up to take all the mini challenges...

To play the game, pick up your game booklet at the Tourist Office in Chauffailles, and set off for 1h of adventures in the city. At the end, surprises await you!

The game is not yet available in english. Only in french for now !