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Ideas for escapades

Explore the hiking trails of South Brionnais

On foot, by bike, on horseback, accompanied by a donkey or even on an ATV or a microlight, South Brionnais reveals its beauty during hikes ! With many marked circuits, the paths and small country roads are waiting for you. There is one for every taste and every generation. Travel our region and let yourself be surprised by its splendor.

  • Vue de Dyo, randonnée pédestre

To stroll along the country lanes of South Brionnais

Beautiful and unexcpected landscapes

By yourself, with friends or with family, South Brionnais offers 44 walks, manageable for everyone's taste and for everyone's age.

Exploring a country on foot allows us to take time but also to discover the authenticity of a place. You will be surprised by the diversity of landscapes and heritage over our hiking trails.

  • Randonnée à cheval devant le château de Drée - © L. Chocat

Escape on your faithful steed

Hiking with a horse or a donkey for the nature lovers

With your horse, on an organized ride in a horse-drawn carriage or with a donkey, discover the many trails in South Brionnais.

Because of its typical grove, its magnificient viewpoints and its scented trails, South Brionnais is a real concentrate of nature, and our equestrian rides will make you forget the daily life hassles. Have a breath and open your eyes.
Are we not good here ?

  • Pexels pixabay 208821

... Ou accompagné d'un âne

pour des balades atypiques et bucoliques

Au rythme de leur pas, actif ou paisible, espiègle ou plus calme, selon votre condition physique, mais toujours affectueux et courageux, nos ânes randonneurs sauront vous faire vivre des moments inoubliables dans le charme et la douceur de notre campagne brionnaise.
Ramses, Peluche, Joli-Coeur, Bohême seront de merveilleux compagnons, portant vos bagages ou même l'un de vos enfants.
Présence possible d'un conteur qui agrémentera votre randonnée d'anecdotes, de légendes merveilleuses, et de récits du cru

  • Club ULM Bourgogne

To reach for the sky

Discover South Brionnais by microlight

What if it was even more beautiful at altitude ? Put on your helmet and go for the ULM take-off runway to find out !

Discovering the grove of South Brionnais from the sky will take your breath away! And the flights are offered all year round. For the insiders but also for beginners, you will be amazed. Fresh air and unforgettable sensations guaranteed !

  • BDS Quad

Vibrate on the trails

Ideal trails to practice on a quad

Thrill seekers, come and test the valleys of South Brionnais. With its many trails to explore, it is a perfect destination for quad bike enthusiasts.

Whether you are sporty or just looking for an original idea with family, quads are very easy to handle. Accompanied by a state-certified guide, you will savor each minute, between thrills and discovery of the grove.