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Charolais-Brionnais candidate for UNESCO

Promote singularity

With exceptional pastures that contribute to the quality of its meat, the Charolais-Brionnais region is as magnificent as it is unique. It is to enhance these landscapes shaped by man and this unique "terroir" that our region is a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage.

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Enhance our cultural landscape

The concept of "bocage"

Every year, the international organization rewards natural and cultural sites of outstanding universal value for humanity, giving it an invaluable character.

And well, you won't find this type of landscape anywhere else! As you cross the valleys, you discover multitudes of small plots, surrounded by hedgerows or dry stone walls, shaped by man over the centuries. Sprinkle it all with villages of character, pretty castles, Romanesque churches and, of course, Charolais cows, and you get the beauty of the Charolais Brionnais country !