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Farm tourism

What about discovering South Brionnais through the land and its inhabitants ? That's the whole point of farm tourism, by offering an immersion in the daily life of farmers.

To visit the farm, to meet the animals, to taste the local flavors... For sure, it will please young and old alike !

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Relish the country

Discovering South Brionnais with its flavors

Charolais-Brionnais is well known for its gastronomy, and not only with its two PDOs for its beef and its goat cheese. You will sample various local products, a real treat for your taste buds !

Even if the Charolais meat, symbol of the region, is recognized around the world, L'ets discover the other essential flavors of the land ! You have good and typical dishes, delicious cheeses and local sweets such as honey, jams and of course chocolate. Adventurers and lovers of traditional Burgundy specialties feast on specialties based on snails, poultry, pork and all kinds of condiments. As you understand it, the list of Brionnais delights is pretty long!

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Share the authenticity

A stay on a farm for the curious and the gourmets !

Give greater meaning to your visit to South Brionnais and opt for farm vacations. Many farms are waiting for you to show you its way of life and let you taste its production.

In the south of Brionnais, we love to eat but above all we love to share! You will find these moments of simplicity and conviviality most appetizing. Keep the kids busy with the discovery of farm animals and relax and taste the flavors of the Brionnais terroir. As we say it in France, "Happiness is in the field" !