Circuit de Pontet

Anglure-sous-Dun - Foot

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A departure is also possible from the Tourist Office in Chauffailles.

From Anglure-sous-Dun, point N°1, visit the church, built in 1865, which has a Way of the Cross offered by Napoleon III, 14 paintings from the Chovet house in Paris. Even before the creation of the commune of Anglure-sous-Dun in 1869, the inhabitants of this village, which was then part of Mussy-sous-Dun but far from the village, had built a school house, a church and a presbytery, set up a cemetery and obtained the appointment of a teacher and a priest. The construction of the church, "of a private nature and financed", was carried out with the help of subscriptions from local families and with the help of voluntary cartage of materials and was completed around 1865. The church was donated to the commune by the owners of the site in 1870.

The prefectoral decree of 1 September 1869 authorised the creation of the commune of Anglure-sous-Dun, which was separated from Mussy-sous-Dun, a neighbouring village. The name of the commune comes from the De Noblet d'Anglure family, who owned the castle of which only the ruins remain, probably the outbuildings with a dwelling house adjoining the stable and the barn.

Go up the street leaving the church on your left and continue for about 200 m, then take the path on the left which will lead you to point N°2. Turn right and go down to the charming, perfectly restored Chapelle du Pontet, built in 1875, following a vow made by Abbé Veylon, who, suffering from a tumour, had promised this offering in case of recovery. Turn right towards point N°3 "les Granges". Go up the Mussy valley to the place called "les Combes", with a magnificent view of the village of Mussy sous Dun and its famous Viaduct, then go down to the "Moulin de la Planche Simon" point N°4 where you will cross the river Mussy but will no longer find the Mill.

This walk takes you through woods and forests. Beautiful views of the Beaujolais mountains. At the place called "la Ragée", continue in the coolness of the woods, point N°5 then N°6 agricultural crops, small hamlets until the Statue of Monternat, point N°7, replica of the one at La Salette. There, this restful and calm place surrounded by flowers, invites you to contemplate. Let us quote R and A.M Oursel: "The oratory of Monternat perpetuates in a mountainous, secret and wooded site, the memory of the Apparitions of La Salette, on September 19, 1846".

Go down towards Chauffailles, cross the bridge over the Lyon /Paray-le-Monial railway line to point 8. Turn right before Le Belvédère, an old people's home. You are overlooking the town, and you will see some beautiful houses.

Go down a small path to point N°9 "route de Mussy", at the crossroads a road cross "La croix de Mussey" marks this crossroads, it is one of the most original in the Chauffailles commune, it is mounted on a three-step step. Its joints: pedestal, shaft of the cross itself, are all three decorated with refined sculptures. Turn right towards "les Taillis" point N°10, turn left and go down through woods and meadows to the "Moulin", enjoy the charm of this place. Turn left and go up towards the village of Anglure-sous-Dun.

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