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Saitec is an independent French company based in Burgundy.
Our activity, with more than 21 years of experience, is centred around 2 poles: software publishing and technical expertise.

With 40% of our staff dedicated to development, our flagship software Codial, a new generation ERP system, is constantly evolving.
With more than 3,800 SMEs equipped and 18,000 users, Codial is the preferred solution for companies looking for a management tool that offers a rapid return on investment.
Integrated, flexible, efficient and quick to implement, Codial has been enriched for 18 years by the experience of its users and today responds perfectly to the evolution of uses with its ergonomics which are totally new in the world of management software.

Saitec's technical service has become a key player in the central region, with Microsoft certification, and is involved in the fields of VSEs, SMEs, SMIs and public services (town halls, schools, hospitals, EHPAD).
Affiliated with the CAIH (Centrale d'Achats Informatique Hospitalière) since the beginning of the framework agreement, we support you in the implementation of Microsoft technologies in order to meet the criteria of the digital hospital.
Our customer base consists of more than 500 servers and over 10,000 workstations.