Le 11 mars 2023 - 20h30 à Chauffailles

Une éducation manquée

  • Crédits photo : Léa Masson Crédits photo : Léa Masson

Theatre Music
All audiences, from 11 years old
Running time: 1h10

This show is supported by Affluences

"Une Education Manquée", a real musical farce, is a pocket opera composed by Emmanuel Chabrier on a libretto by Eugène Leuterrier and Albert Vanloo in 1879.
Gontran de Boismassif has just married Hélène de la Cerisaie, and it is the wedding night. Gontran knows that he has to do "something" with his wife during this night, but he doesn't know what! It's panic! He then calls on his tutor Maitre Pausanias, who is in charge of teaching him everything a man needs to know.
Our three characters will spend the night, despite propriety, chivalry and modesty, trying to make up for this lack of education for Gontran.

Performance: Emmanuelle Goizé, Quentin Gibelin, Gilles Bugeaud, Luc-Emmanuel Betton, Alice Masson - direction, choreography: Quentin Gibelin, Alice Masson - music: Emmanuel Chabrier - libretto: Eugène Leuterrier, Albert Vanloo - coproduction: Le Théâtre, Scène nationale de Mâcon. Production: Cie Le Roy s'Amuse.