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Le 7 mars 2023 - 14h30 à Chauffailles

Tartuffe, quand les femmes prennent le pouvoir !

  • Crédits photo : BENJAMIN CIVIL Crédits photo : BENJAMIN CIVIL

For schools, colleges from 11 years old
Duration: 1 hour and 20 minutes

Molière's "Tartuffe" still retains its timelessness, where the man excels in the art of manipulation.

Here, in this production by Grégoire Aubert, only women play, the men taking turns to be the masks they don.
The whole thing is rhythmic, inventive and jubilant: the spectator is taken on board in a subtle and timeless universe as Molière's alexandrines are intelligently punctuated with variety songs, dance and mime.

A societal critique that is still very topical, carried by three actresses in perfect osmosis.

Performance: Sophie Million, Théodora Carla, Anaïs Khaizourane - author: Molière - adaptation, direction: Grégoire Aubert - musical creation: Benjamin Civil - costume design: Marie-Pierre Callies - sets: Jean-Michel Halbin. Production: Cie les 100 Têtes.