Le 4 mars 2023 - 20h30 à Chauffailles


  • Crédits photo : Seb Geo Crédits photo : Seb Geo


Duration : 0h50
All audiences, from 8 years old

Through a physical and hypnotic dance, the Mâcon choreographer Lohan Jacquet reinterprets with his dancers the works and writings of Yves Klein.
The minimalist set of the show, a golden painting reflecting lights and bodies, reminds us of the taste for the unique colour of the painter from Nice in the middle of the 20th century.
Carried by the music of Radiohead, Sigur Nos or Nina Simone, the dancers move closer and further apart in duets, trios and quartets creating tensions impregnated with sensitive exchanges. Together, they push their physical abilities to the limit to make room for their humanity and their shared emotions.

Choreography, interpretation: Clara Brunet, Guillaume Cursio, Lohan Jacquet, Lou Landré - choreographic assistants: Angèle Cartier, Enzo Convert - set design: Pauline Schaettel - lighting: Nicolas Galliot - costumes: Julie Dubail - set design: Sagaya Claret - creation in residence at the Théâtre, Scène Nationale de Mâcon. Production: Cie Nahlo.