Le 14 mars 2024 - 10h30 et 14h30 à Chauffailles


  • Crédits photo : Emmanuel Mathias Crédits photo : Emmanuel Mathias

School and nursery sessions, from age 3. Running time: 0h35.

Little by little, the bird leaves the nest! From birth to adolescence, a little girl grows up and gradually detaches herself from her mother with confidence.
The music and the diversity of languages express the universal nature of their relationship.
Alice Waring and Claire Monot give a central place to sounds and listening, mixing voices and instruments for original compositions. Songs, fingerplays, nursery rhymes and body percussion tell a sensitive story of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Alice Waring: composition, writing, acting, singing, guitars, clarinet - Claire Monot: writing, directing, costume design, acting, singing - Véronique Chatard: outside eye - Etienne Gabaut: lighting - Steve Waring: set design - Denis Dez: props design - Isabelle Rolland, Maria Bino: costume design. Delegated production: Agriculture, co-production: L'Asken.