Le 15 janvier 2022 à Chauffailles


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Hip-hop dance. All audiences, from 8 years old. Duration: 1 hour

A dance of dialogue and mixing, reflecting migrations and crossings, "MeríDio" honours the different movements and influences of hip-hop dance.

Five women inspired this show, each ambassador of a dance style born from a mix of hip-hop with their respective influences.
Five women from multiple geographical backgrounds, each with a rich and varied cultural and artistic background.
Five women with different personalities that the choreographer, Mehdi Diouri, wanted to bring together.
Coming from other choreographic styles, "MeríDio" presents these women who have chosen hip-hop dance as their means of artistic expression.
Like the musical work with traditional accents on hip-hop rhythms, each one represents a sound, a melody, an instrument, a region, a country. All these ingredients combined create the philharmony of the show. Mixing choreography and floor work, the dancers' contrasting performance will be highlighted by lighting that plays on the differences in light and shadow.
MeríDio", in Greek meaning "to share" in French, is a piece that reminds us that women are an integral part of the hip-hop genre that they have shaped and moulded, and that hip-hop remains a way of life that comes from sharing and meeting people.

Performance: Hilana Amachi Guaman, Elisavet Kanellaki, Juliette Lefauconnier, Eva Loizou, Martina Mattioli - artistic direction: Mehdi Diouri - music: Patrice Privat, Stéphane Lavallée - artistic assistant, set design: Anne Le Mottais - costumes: Anaïs Caulat. Production: Cie Mehdia.