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Du 18 au 19 décembre 2021 - 9h à La Clayette

Marché de Noël et animations

  • Crédits photo : UCIA Crédits photo : UCIA

Animations for children (and adults!)
For the 2 days, the animations will take place between 14h00 and 19h00 according to each one:
- Pony rides with the equestrian center of St Laurent en Brionnais (Place Rambuteau).
- 3 stands (1 on each site) dedicated to the theme of Harry Potter animated by the day care center of Colombier-en-Brionnais (creation of magic wands, magic brooms, potions, make-up, photos with characters of the saga...).
- 2 mascots for each day will wander through the streets from 3pm to 6pm.
- 1 cotton candy stand will be present each day from 3pm to 6pm.
- Lantern parade at 6.30 pm on Saturday evening. Departure from place Rambuteau - rue Centrale - rue du Commerce - place des Fossés - rue du Château - rue Centrale - arrival at place de La Poste.
- Santa Claus will stroll through the streets at 3pm on each day to hand out candy.
- Contest from 1 to 31/12 on participative ballots in all UCIA member shops with 800.00 € of vouchers at stake.