Le 24 avril 2024 - 15h à Chauffailles

Lumières !

  • Crédits photo : Cie Chienne de vie Crédits photo : Cie Chienne de vie

Family show, from age 5. Running time: 0:45.

Auguste and Louis, the Lumière brothers, welcome their clients to their studio.
While they wait for their photo session, Louis works on their extraordinary invention in secret. Faced with technical problems, Louis keeps interrupting Auguste's work. Unfortunately, their rival Edison had beaten them to it and made his invention known first.
But the brothers don't give up, and with their brains in turmoil, they invent the Cinématographe, the device that gave birth to the world of images and the first steps towards cinema.
A comic duo to help children and adults experiment with the basic techniques of capturing moving images, and to commemorate the first silent short films, joyfully revisited.

Performance, creation: Juliette Bruckert, Alex Repain - music: Kevin Macleod - with the watchful eye of Damien Devoge. Production: Cie Chienne de vie.