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Le 14 janvier 2023 - 20h30 à Chauffailles

Le Cas Pucine, "Main Mise"

  • Crédits photo : Pascal Ito Crédits photo : Pascal Ito

One-woman show
Duration: 1h30

For all audiences
Winner 2019 of "La France a un incroyable talent

At 23 years old, Capucine is the next generation of French ventriloquism, for women!

After a remarkable and explosive entry into the hearts of the French public on the occasion of her victory in the show "La France a un incroyable talent", Capucine and Eliott, her dragon, finally arrive on stage!
Capucine refuses to become an adult and glorifies childhood as the only way to freedom.
It is not without pitfalls that Eliott, her right-hand man, decides to push Capucine to the limit with experiments, provocations and, despite everything, tenderness.

A fresh and innovative comedy show in which poetry, performances and laughter are intertwined for an emotional moment.

Performance: Le cas Pucine - Authors: Le cas Pucine, Jérémy Ferrari - Technical direction: Aurélien Audouard. Production: Dark Smile Productions, Sansotte Dark Smile Productions, Sans Culotte Productions.