Le 14 mars 2023 - 10h30 et 14h30 à Chauffailles

L'Odyssée de Moti

  • Crédits photo : Corloderaso Crédits photo : Corloderaso

Schoolchildren, nursery schools from 3 years old
Duration : 0h45

When Moti, a little mammoth, wakes up, he has only one wish: to find his mother.

But there is a problem: 5000 years have passed and the world around him has changed somewhat.
To say the least... To complete his quest, he has to make a long journey from the Arctic ice floes to the deepest forests of Africa.
Is it really possible to find a mother who has been missing for thousands of years?

The absence of parents, the blended family, but also friendship and perseverance are the main themes of this puppet musical.

Performance: Jean-Paul Lang, Natalia Bougaï-Lang, Antonin Lang - adaptation, direction: Jean-Paul Lang - set design: Natalia Bougaï-Lang - character design: Krom studio - puppet making: Natalia Bougaï-Lang, Marie Kopt, Irène Magnkovva - singing lessons: Zik and Voice Factory - animation film: 3D Emotion - costumes: Charlène Frontini. Production: Cie Une Poignée d'Images.