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Le 1 janvier 1970 à Saint-Igny-de-Roche

Festival Saperli'poètes : L'art et la manière

  • Crédits photo : CCBSB Crédits photo : CCBSB

L'art et la manière offers an original formula in three stages where young and old alike can meet inside a poetic installation inspired by Gustav Klimt.
1/ Learn about Art, by evoking the work of the artist, and by asking ourselves questions about what we see and how we feel in order to better present the emotions that animated the artist in his creation.
2/ Listen to Séverine, actress, telling the initiatory tale of the Persian poet Farid Al-Dîn Attâr written in the 12th century: the Conference of the Birds.
3/ Take action with Rachel, a visual artist who offers to create a work of art: she orchestrates a collective artistic performance lasting 45 minutes and the masterpiece appears! Paint, charcoal or dry pastel will be used to create landscapes, motifs or portraits "in the manner of Klimt".
Work on material and light will be explored.