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Le 2 mars 2024 (20h30), le 3 mars 2024 (14h30), le 8 mars 2024 (20h30), le 9 mars 2024 (20h30), le 15 mars 2024 (20h30), le 16 mars 2024 (20h30), à Saint-Symphorien-des-Bois

En Avant Scène : Le Film !

  • Crédits photo : En avant scène Crédits photo : En avant scène

"To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the En Avant Scène troupe is taking to the big screen. It is presenting its very first film, Pas de Panique, an adaptation of Didier Kamika's play Pour 100 Briques T'as Plus Rien Maintenant.

Inspired by a series of particularly successful robberies, Sam and Paula, two young unemployed flatmates, see it as the ideal way to make some easy money. This Christmas, they decide to embark on their first heist, but their plan doesn't go exactly to plan...
At the same time, the schoolchildren are attending an art class, but they too are about to experience a heist that will affect the start of their holidays.
But one thing is certain... NO PANIC!

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBSx2Vs1rB4