Le 7 janvier 2023 - 20h30 à Chauffailles

What she says

  • Crédits photo : Lange Vert Crédits photo : Lange Vert

Jazz, all audiences, duration: 1h30

Concert supported by the CRJ Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

"What she says" is a desire for expression, a mixture of poetry and intuitive energy, which finds its inspiration in life, society, daily life, encounters...

This kaleidoscope gives each piece its own atmosphere, where ardour and indignation rub shoulders with serenity and appeasement.

This project is based on compositions by Caroline Schmid, and brings together for the first time in this form musicians from Dijon, some of whom play together regularly in other formations.
Olivier Bernard and Tom Juvigny perfectly appropriate the writing of the saxophone and guitar themes by mixing their sensitivity and the richness of their musical personalities.
The organ-drums duo provides a groovy base for the effective bass lines, enveloped by the colourful harmonies and creative drumming of Adrien Desse.

Caroline Schmid: compositions, Hammond organ - Olivier Bernard: tenor saxophone - Tom Juvigny: guitars - Adrien Desse: drums.