Le 1 avril 2023 - 20h30 à Chauffailles

Valentin Vander

  • Crédits photo : Frank Loriou Crédits photo : Frank Loriou
  • Valentin Vander
  • Crédits photo : Frank Loriou
  • Valentin Vander

Concert Chanson
Duration: 1h30
All audiences

After more than 5 million views for his Symphonie Confinée, and 4 years of touring with his comrades of the "Goguettes (as a trio but with four members)", Valentin Vander comes back as a solo artist with a second pop and romantic album: "Mon étrangère".

Valentin Vander's universe is a real field of experimentation between melancholic introspection and pop panache. "So Frenchy!", could instantly exclaim the Anglo-Saxons, listening to this second shimmering album. But the musical specifications of "Mon Étrangère" are more complex than that...
The singer-songwriter, raised in a family of musicians, uses massive seduction weapons throughout this new chapter. Between playfulness, depth and enlightened observations on the sentimental relationships that bind people together, he infuses a melodic colour that captivates from the first listen.

Performance: Valentin Vander (vocals, guitars, keyboards) - sound: Arnaud Viala - lights: Vincent Lemaitre. Production: Limouzart.